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Subject:                          Minutes from 12/10/11 Delta Sierra meeting (at XMAS party)


Hi all,


Sorry we missed you at Sally's last Sunday.  Here are the minutes from the meeting.  Sally and Gina have reviewed them and agreed to them.  Jan, do you put them on the website?   Joan, do you do anything with them as Secretary?


Also Jan, can you put the next meeting on the calendar?


Thanks much.  Wish you all a very nice holiday.





Attendees:  Sally Rucker, Marilyn Rickman, Gina Barr and Monica Fay


Next Meeting:  Saturday January 7, 2012   5:30 at Mexico Lindo Restaurant, Copper Cove Drive, Copperopolis


Old Business:


New 2012 Board voted in:  Sally Rucker - President, Gina Barr - Vice President, Joan Cinquini - Secretary, Monica Fay - Treasurer, Kim Lemke - Member At Large


THANK YOU!  to outgoing Board Members:  Sandy Jacobsen, Peggy Lyden, Jan Simpson


Treasurer's Report:   12/10/11 Bank Balance - $1,887.84


   Motion made by Sally: Approve funds to re-register website domain name to support general searches.   Motion seconded by Gina.   Voted yes by those attending.  Monica will work on getting this done.


New Business:


January calendar items:


       - Next DS board & member meeting: January 7 - see place and time above (need to plan gift basket for the CDS meeting)

       - Annual CDS Meeting: 1/20 - 22 at Rancho Murieta 


Thoughts on activities for coming year:


       - February Educational Event "Seeing the horse in a different light"  presented by Moses Gonzales at Sally Ruckers Remington Farm,  2 day event date TBD


       - Set up schedule for schooling shows and competition clinics at locations spread out to cover Delta Sierra area - this will be the main topic for the January meeting so please attend if you have thoughts or feedback.  Things to consider:  High Point Awards for a series of schooling shows, could scores from competition clinics be included in High Point calculation


       - How to encourage and reward volunteers - possibly give tokens to volunteers that can be redeemed or put in a drawing at the end of the year for a significant award 


       - Make events open to general public, give DS members a reduced cost


       - Pay ranch owners who host events: have a guaranteed minimum amount?